Orion Master Jeweller Plus

The Orion Master Jeweller Plus is the most versatile and complete welding solution for the master jeweller, and is the top-selling unit in the Jewelry line. Designed with jewellers in mind, the premier Master Jeweller Plus has all the critical features necessary to design, create and repair jewelry, watches, eyeglasses and more.

Here are some of the key benefits and features:

  • 18 Welding Presets – The Orion Master Jeweller Plus will save you time with 18 welding presets. Each factory preset will help users get started with yellow gold, white gold, silver, titanium, platinum and stainless steel.

  • 15 Customizable Weld Settings – Once the ideal setting has been realized, it can be saved in one of 15 memory locations. Each memory location can have a custom name applied to it and is quickly recalled at the touch of a button.

  • Power Adjustment Options – The Master Jeweller Plus has enough power to weld challenging metals like silver, but can be adjusted to weld intricately around precious stones. The range of power adjustment is from 1 joules to 150 joules, depending on which mode is being used. In addition, the Orion Master Jeweller Plus power adjustments can be made as low as 1% increments, allowing for greater precision.

  • Three Weld Modes – The Master Jeweller Plus has been designed with three welding units in one high quality device. Pulse Arc Mode is perfect for ring resizing, porosity, seams, adding material, welding thicker materials and any general manufacturing and repairs. Micro Pulse Arc Mode is designed for delicate and precision welding such as prong retipping without removing precious stones, thin materials and more. Tack/Fusion Mode is for temporary placement or permanent fusion welding, making short work of post/stud attachment to earrings, tie tacks, broaches and more.

  • Welding Precision – Achieve “laser like” welds at a fraction of the cost and without the risk. Laser beams can accidentally strike a stone damaging or cracking it. The Master Jeweller Plus can deliver precise and powerful welds without subjecting precious stones to this type of danger.

  • Save Time with Less Mess – The Orion Master Jeweller Plus welding process does not require the heating of various components. Simply by adjusting the settings to fit the metal being welded, a user can begin welding immediately. Soldering can be messy and using the Orion will eliminate the mess and save time.

  • Space saving – The Master Jeweller Plus takes up minimal space and is very portable.

  • Language options and Help Menus – The Master Jeweller Plus provides both English and Spanish language display with extensive help menus for convenience and support.

The Master Jeweller Plus is a must have for the professional jeweller.