High-Tech - Easy to Use

The Orion welder is a high-tech, high-precision welding machine designed for the bench jeweller. New users can become proficient at welding within minutes. Users with more experience can customize every aspect of the machine to fit their preferences.

Easy to Use

What makes the Orion Master Jewellery Plus easy to use?

  • Large LCD Interface - The Orion’s large LCD screen has been divided into two distinct sections. The first is a simple bar graph displaying weld energy and weld time. The second is a reference section to see the exact value of the weld energy, weld time and other important parameters. By taking advantage of the large LCD interface, new users can quickly get the most out of the Orion.
  • 18 Welding Presets - To help new users get started immediately, the Orion Master Jewellery Plus come with 15 welding presets. These presets help users get started with yellow gold, white gold, silver, titanium, platinum and stainless steel.
  • Automatic and Foot Weld Triggering - All Orion welders allow the user to choose how they would like to start the welding process. In automatic mode the user touches the electrode to the work-piece to start the welding process. The welder will release welding gas, give an audible weld signal and then make the weld without requiring any further action. In foot pedal mode the user can place the electrode very carefully before actuating the weld.
  • DVD Tutorials - Orion welders come with an in depth DVD tutorial. These tutorials have been designed to help users gain experience with every aspect of the Orion welder. Instruction is given for a variety of subjects from performing welds to using menu items.
  • Language Selection - The Orion Master Jewellery Plus provides a choice between English and Spanish. Additional languages to be added soon.
  • Help Menus - The Orion Master Jewellery Plus contains help menus to instruct users in welder operation and menu functions.
  • Welding Forum - our welding forum to see how other jewellers are using the Orion welder.


What makes the Orion Master Jewellery Plus high-tech?

  • Intelligent Control - The Orion has two internal micro-processors that control every aspect of welder operation. This allows the jeweller to focus on creativity while the Orion ensures repeatable and safe operation.
  • 15 Customizable Weld Settings - Once the ideal setting has been realized, it can be saved in one of 15 memory locations. Each memory location can have a custom name applied to it and is quickly recalled at the touch of a button. Settings can be locked to prevent them from being accidentally deleted or erased.
  • Completely Customizable - Practically every aspect of the Orion Master Jewellery Plus can be customized. Changes include gas timing, welding tip retract properties, power adjustment steps, pre-flow gas accelerator properties, screen contrast, and much more.
  • Weld Accelerator - By using the Orion pre-flow welding gas accelerator welds can be accomplished rapidly. The pre-flow accelerator sends a longer shielding gas pulse for the first weld; subsequent welds then require less gas pre-flow time to achieve proper weld shielding. This method allows clean welds in quick succession.
  • The only 3-in-1 Jewellery Welder - The Orion literally contains 3 different welders in one unit. Change between pulse arc, micro-pulse arc and tack weld modes with the touch of one button (click here to read more).
  • Gas flow rate monitoring - The weld shielding gas (argon) helps protect the molten metal from oxygen, which causes brittle welds and porosity. The Orion’s computer detects the presence of shielding gas and displays the gas flow rate.
  • Lens shutter system - The Orion’s microscope shutter system allows for a clear view of the work piece before and after the weld. The Orion monitors the microscope shutter to ensure the user’s eyes are always protected from the welding flash.