Affordable Laser Alternative

The top 5 advantages of an Orion welder over a laser welder:

  • Lower cost - Laser welders with similar features to the Orion Master Jeweller welder cost approximately $25,000+ USD. This cost is a large burden on a company of any size. The top of the line Orion Master Jeweller Plus costs a small fraction of that price and has additional features such as more power, tack mode, and a smaller footprint.
  • Lifetime cost reduction - The Orion does not require regular maintenance over its lifetime. However, a laser welder will require a new flash lamp approximately every 5 million firings. The cost of this replacement may be similar to the total cost of the Orion Master Jeweller Plus!
  • The Orion Master Jeweller Plus has all of the benefits of an expensive laser welder - In fact, for some tasks the Orion may even be better! For example, while retipping a ring with the stone in place the Orion will automatically stop the welding process if the welding electrode slips off the prong and onto the stone. A laser does not have this ability, and the laser beam can actually strike the stone damaging it or even fracturing it.
  • Weld Silver - Silver is notoriously difficult to weld for a laser due to its reflective properties. To help the laser focus its energy the user will typically mark the metal with black ink. Pulse arc welding is an electrical process that avoids this problem. The Orion Master Jeweller series has been designed with sufficient enough energy to weld silver properly.
  • Increased safety - Orion welders are designed for safety. For example, the Orion requires an electrical connection to complete the welding process. This means that, unlike a laser welder, the user cannot weld their hand.